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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Farm Tractors, ATVs, ATV Vehicles ( All Terrain Vehicles ) / Offroad ATV Vehicles (Petrol / Diesel Engine), Electric Kids ATV Vehicles, ATVs, ATV for Kids, Farm Tractors, Agricultural Tractors ( Agriculture Tractors ), 4 ( Four ) Wheel Drive - 4WD Tractors / All Wheel Drive - AWD Tractors, Golf Cars, Golf Carts, Nebula ATV, Electric ATV Vehicles 1 ( One ) / 2 ( Two ) / 4 ( Four ) Seater and our setup is situated at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Currently we are offering Dealerships for ATV's & Tractors

All Terrain Vehicle


All Terrain Vehicle

YP 125

All Terrain Vehicle

LH200ATV - B

All Terrain Vehicle

LH 150ATV - D

Golf Car

Bajrangi DY 300 TRACTOR


ATV's & Tractors

  • Promoted by Mr. Sukhdev G. Asnani, a mechanical engineer with vast experience in automobile Industry.
  • Nebula Automotive launched in 2008 to bring cutting edge ATV technology to India.
  • Nebula ATVs is a registered trade mark.
  • ATVs are fully assembled at the company's factory in Pune, India.
  • In India ATVs are not street legal. However the appetite has to be created in the market and fed accordingly.
  • Nebula Automotive also undertakes consultancy for ATV track and also commissioning of the same.
  • Company has a vision to fully indigenize its products once a critical mass is achieved to "Make In India" thereby generate employment.
  • Now launching Nebula Bajrangi DY 300 Tractor
  • Tractor market size in India approx. 650000 units per year
  • As per ICRA FY 17 tractor market to grow by 9% to 10%.
  • Global Market size of ATV's to reach US$ 9.2 Bln by 2024.
  • ATV's have various use from lifestyle vehicle to military, rescue and utility.
  • Electric vehicles for individual and mass transport is the future of the global "GO GREEN" philosophy
  • Company plans to add more products to its portfolio for which existing distributors/dealers shall be given preference.

What we are Looking from you as a Dealer :

  • An investment of Rs 10 lakhs for ATV's.
  • An investment of Rs 10 lakhs for Tractors.
  • Showroom space of 500 sq. ft. in prime location.
  • The dealer will be having the entire product basket in ATV & or Tractors.
  • The product basket will start from kid's atv to Bajrangi range of tractors.



What we are Looking from you as a Distributor :

  • An investment of Rs 1 crore.
  • Showroom space of 1000 sq. ft. in prime location.
  • To become our exclusive distributor for the assigned territory.
  • The distributor will be having the entire product basket.
  • The product basket will start from Kids ATV to Nebula Bajrangi range of tractors
  • The Distributor will have the right to appoint sub dealers under him and take over dealers appointed in his assigned territory.

Key Point :

  • Nebula ATV dealerships are independently owned & operated businesses. No franchise fee is charged.
  • You must have the financial wherewithal to launch the Nebula brand in your part of the country.
  • The minimum order amount will be provided upon contact. A 50% advance must be provided on order and 50% before goods are dispatched.
  • The success of the dealership depends greatly on the direct focus and attention of the operator. Advertising and promotion of the dealership's activities are vital to its success.
  • Your showroom must have a prime location with a minimum 500 sq. ft. area requirement dedicated to Nebula products

Benefits :
It is an attractive Investment Model
  • You get handsome returns on investment.
  • Your profile in society is greatly enhanced as also your net worth.
  • New business avenues and opportunities.
  • Wide range of application from leisure sports, commercial applications, agriculture, transport, electric vehicles, patrolling, firefighting and security applications.





  • Nebula Automotive has begun the process of building a nationwide dealer network and is appointing qualified individuals who can meet sales goals and provide sufficient post-sales support to distribute our range of products. Nebula Automotive is the brainchild of Mr. S.G. Asnani who previously was a franchisee for a large motorcycle company, a commercial vehicle company, and has also built his own motorcycle brand in Africa. He now sees the tremendous opportunity in the offroad vehicle market in India and wants to build distribution channels that meet customer needs in every corner of the nation. Based on his experience as a franchisee, he believes it makes sense to simplify the relationship with dealers and does not micro-manage their operations.
  • This results in a greater sense of ownership for the franchisee which creates a fruitful long-term business relationship. Being a one time dealer himself, S.G. Asnani looks at the business from the dealer's point of view first. Nebula Automotive offers a vast range of unique products that help the dealership become profitable early in its operation and reduces the gestation period.